I started going to Inline right before I became pregnant with my first child and it was clear my spine needed a lot of help. Once I became pregnant, we knew no permanent progress toward a straightened spine would happen in those nine months, but the chiropractic adjustments and massages were lifesavers anyhow due to my immense back pain all throughout my pregnancy. I would leave the office after a quick adjustment and already feel so much better. After I delivered, we set up a regular treatment program that got my spine back to straight in just a few months. Then, because I live 30 minutes away from the clinic, I decided to try a new place, closer to home, (especially now that I had a baby to cart around). After a number of times going to a different clinic, it just became apparent that the adjustments were not having the same effect that I was experiencing at inline. Oftentimes, I would leave with my back hurting more (which I know can happen and doesn't mean that something is wrong. Relief would come eventually, but never as fully as before). I ended up back at Inline and was so happy I went back. The 30 minute drive is worth it. My back always feels substantially better after a single adjustment and I never leave in more pain. And I can't fail to mention how good the massages here are! I've had six massages in my life: three were spa settings and the rest were at each of these two chiropractic centers. The only ones I've left feeling like I just had an amazing massage was one of the spas and at inline wellness. If you can, do yourself a favor and get a massage. 

And a word of advice to those who have tried chiropractic care and felt like it didn't help their back issues- keep looking. I have heard time and again, not to mention experienced it myself, that it can sometimes simply be differences in care/style. Had I only ever gone to the nameless other clinic close to me, I likely wouldn't think it was worth the copays to keep trying to find relief that didn't seem to be coming.

When I first walked in I was welcomed by a warm and professional staff. 
I was quite skeptical about chiropractic and its benefits. Dr. Charliton gave me realistic expectations and did what he promised. I can say that certainly he knows his stuff!

Ashlee O.


Inline is a great place to come to get adjusted or get a massage. Dr. Charlton is very friendly and professional, and does a great job adjusting your back and neck. You can spend as much time getting adjusted as you need, or be in and out fairly quickly if you're in a hurry.

Chiara S.

Jonathan S.

We have been looking for a massage therapist since moving out here from L.A. and we were SO glad to find Dina at Inline Chiropractic. She's just amazing at what she does - I have been having pain at my lower back and neck areas and she really knows what to do to make me feel better. I always feel so much better after a massage from her.

My husband and I also have been seeing Dr. Charlton for chiropractic treatments. So far we really like how it is going. My husband has gone from severe pain to almost no pain on his shoulders and one arm, and my x-ray exams showed significant improvement on my spinal alignment-- I'm definitely feeling a bit better, and I'm looking forward to feeling even better soon.  Oh and we really appreciate how family & child-friendly this place is. It definitely makes it easier for us to come in and get the treatments we need.

Happy M.

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