Auto Accident Injuries

The sudden impact that occurs in most car accidents can severely jar the highly complex neuromuscular system, especially in the neck and back. Because the neuromuscular system affects far reaching parts of the body, damage can cause pain throughout the body. Symptoms can include headaches, sleeplessness, irritability, tingling in the hands and feet, stiffness when walking or sitting, and various types of pain syndromes.

Accident-Related Injury Documentation

After your consultation and exam, we will document your accident-related injuries. This is critical for insurance purposes and potentially for any legal proceedings that relate to the auto accident.

Time is Of The Essence

If you’ve experienced an auto accident, it’s critical to seek a chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible so that both latent and evident injuries may be assessed and treated. An accident-related treatment plan can be quick and effective, help to relieve pain, improve mobility and function sooner, and is a vital step toward the goal of full recovery.

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